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I have not found any previous posts about this, but what is the correct color to choose for replacement carpet for the 89 20th Anniv car? Carpet prices going up in January and want to order now. Any recommendations?
Answering my own question for future reference if others may be interested. I've read that Cognac is the closest color. Most carpets are made by ACC and the cutpile carpet has this color. The ESSEX does not. This is a more expensive version and I didn't research to learn what that color code might be if you wanted to buy the thicker carpet. But I did learn that Rock Auto had the complete set, front and back, with mass backing for 329.79 plus tax and shipping. Hawks was 524 and ACC was over 700. You can save some money by not getting the mass backing but from what I read, the carpet is more even when installed plus offers some sound and heat insulation. I also went this route because you can order mats in the matching color. I did buy my mats from Hawks because they had the Trans Am Phoenix logo, while Rock Auto did not. You can get the TURBO Trans Am logo at Rock though, for about 120.00 cheaper (111.79 plus tax/shipping vs 254.00 plus tax/shipping is free), if that's the logo you prefer. I wish they had the one I wanted but they didn't, so I went with what I preferred.


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I would be interested to see how close the color is, pictures. i always thought the interior colors were camel and beechwood.
Does anybody know the correct color names for carpet, trim, fabric etc?
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