Bill Owen to attend the TTA reunion!!!


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You heard right! We have secured none other then Bill Owen to attend and speak at the TTA reunion! This is HUGE! I talked to Scott Kelly about Bill attending and Scott told me Bill can even fill in more gaps and voids about the history of the TTA's! I tried to get Bill back when I started planning the reunion and we just made it happen. Here is a short piece on Bill's experience with the TTA's....

1. His decision to put FWD Cylinder heads (3800) on RWD block so engine could fit in the TTA engine bay.

2. Stopped vibration in the car by using a torque arm bar (for lack of a better word) from rear axle housing to rear of transmission, and use a flex plate on the cross member to connect it all together.

3. Designed right side exhaust manifold (prototype will be displayed at our event).

4. Did most of the drag strip and dyno testing of virtually every TTA made.

5. His idea to use bigger fuel pump (which became reality).

6. His decision to use a cross-drilled crank, which they did.

Further information about Bill can be found here....

I must say guys. If you are an owner and or enthusiasts of these cars if you ever do anything in your life THIS is the event to be at. The amount of special guest we now have speaking at this event is just mind blowing. You will NEVER find these guys all together at another event like this. Don't miss out! Fly, Drive, do whatever you need to do to get to the reunion. Money can not buy what you'll learn at this event! The stories and parts you'll see and hear will make history. It's amazing how the buzz for this event has blown up. Don't be sorry you missed out after this history making event it over. We are just about to the one month count down! I can't wait!! See you in Ohio in a month!!
Thank me and Wayne Sherman (other fellow engineer from Buick who was the only Buick person to go to Pontiac for the TTA and also father of sc 3800 ) for getting Bill on board. Ironically Jim Mattison head of PHS was the one who told Bill. I told him he can hide almost as good as Bin Laden did :worthy:
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