Announcing Gta 17x9 Mesh Wheel Sets!!!!

Hawks Third Generation will be releasing this new 17x9 GTA Mesh wheel in Winter 2015. We will be taking pre-orders, set of 4 Black or Gold will be available and the price will be $1199.00 set. They are a cast aluminum one piece design, 5 x 4-3/4”, with all the same offset and backspacing. We only have pics of the black ones item #HT179GTAB, gold part # will be item #HT179GTAG, I hope to have pics of the gold ones soon.

These were not a factory option, the originals were 16x8 but these have been a long awaited for design & size.

Please reach out to me at or 864-915-4637 with any questions.


Jan Larsson

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Link not working :-(

Any photos of a TTA or GTA with these wheels and the proper tires on them? From different angles would be nice to see.


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I'd be all in for a gold set if I can be assured they will fit over the bigger calipers of some of the aftermarket upgrades. It's not the inside diameter but rather the backside of the mesh that makes contact, of let's say, the C5 calipers.
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