89 TTA

i only have one bad photo of it sitting in the corner of a very dusty however very nice heated shop. i have owned it for two years and still haven't brought it home. i have too many cars, and the old story not enough room however i will be bringing it home soon. if you have serious interest i can some better picks.car number 1256.
car has a 12bolt rear end in it,nhra 8:50 molly certified cage,crome molly k member.full interior stock wheels and original tires.a buddy of mine has owned it for 12 plus years, he bought it this way and was going to put a stage buick v6 engine in it.he lost interest {too many projects} so i bought it a few years ago and was going to put a ls in it. i have the same issue as him too many projects. and too many cars.[ biggest problem ]I STILL RACE.
yes. the car is complete minis the heater/ac box,and it has a cromemolly 10 point certified cage. im sure the took the ac/ heat box out to make room the stage engine that was in it. my thinking if i dont put it back stock would be a lsx using vintage air. it does have a new cromemolly front k member also.the car has been set up for racing however could be put back to stock. its a shame that someone did this to a 18000 mile car. i own a shop and work mostly on buick gn's and over the years have seen many of them cut up for race cars including a few gnx's.like they say if you want a low milage old car find one that was a race car.fyi i still own my original 1100 mile gn.and it's not a race car. i do have a t type with only 10000 miles on it that runs mid 9's.with ac.
damn that is fast out of a v6
so you set it up for an ls swap was the plan with this car
I also have a stock v6 motor and trans out of an 87 buick
I have a 87 grand national gmc syclone and typhoon and yours would be my last turbo car of the era
it was running with a stage buick v6. i bought it with no motor, and was thinking it would be a great LS swap project.or putting it back to stock.i would return it back to stock if i could find a parts car. i do have a new 109 buick engine. suppose i could change the heads and use it.at this point i have too many cars and projects. hard to say too many cars, i should have said not enough garage space.lol
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