89 TTA Rear Spoiler

I now own 2 TTAs, both of which could use new rear spoilers. I have seen a couple online sources for a fiberglass spoiler, both charge $400. Does anyone know of any source for less than $400? Anyone with a good used one?
Thanks, Hawks is one of the sources I had found, so will probably go with them. Apparently there was a group purchase made in the past? I will ask them about this, maybe we could do it again and save a little money.


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The group purchase price,if I recall was $50 off,so basically free shipping.

We lost our "go to" person there and I haven't approached them since about a GP for anything yet.
I put a new post under Group Purchase category, in case anyone is interested in replacement spoiler for TTA. I got a couple responses under this thread already.
Yes...Except for the bulging,rusty cracks the original has.

haha, Good Lord, no shit dude...wasn't that a mess? I liked how Pontiac designed the fastening system on the wing actually, but the wing itself was a horrible mixture of BAD.
Am I correct in assuming that the 89 TTA spoiler is the same as the one on the 87 GTA? If so, I might be interested in two. The one on my 89 is still pristine, but we all know the history of them. I do need a new one for the GTA.
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