4K mile TTA on BAT original owner!


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Whosurpopi. nice first post! The bolsters on these cars are extremely prone to wear. It’s really tough getting in and out especially now that we’re older. Engine bay looks fine to me! Thanks a lot for your insight.
I have been looking at these for a couple weeks, trying to buy one. Most of the cars I am looking at are in the 20 to 40k mile range. The bolsters look better in some of the cars I am looking at then this one that is essentially brand new. I also compared pics of this engine bay to one with 21k miles. It is night and day. Look at the pitting on the alternator and valve covers. It might be my first post, but I have been around cars my whole life and was just making an observation.


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How does a car with only 4k miles have bolster all cracked, and engine compartment that messed up?
It takes a lot of effort to keep the side bolsters looking good .. I do a lot to get out to save mine an I have 34k miles I haven’t seen a car with my miles close to the shape of my bolsters they still look almost new .. as u see 4K ones looked messed up


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Less than expected I really thought it might hit 40k.
^^^ Yeah, seems like the GN prices are spiking, and this car sounded really nice. I thought that it might do better. I wonder if the seller is happy?
Seat bolster repair not a big deal, the owners claimed that it was run periodically - so maybe not too many bad leaks(?)
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