2,900 mile TTA on BAT


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It really doesn’t surprise me that there are so many TTA’s out there with low mileage. Back in the day very few were driven on a regular basis at least in my circles. There are a couple that were drag race pretty hard but most of them were toys. I know when I was looking for one I looked at one with 50 miles and one with 70 miles and that was just too low for me.
50-70 miles you would cringe rolling over 100. What fun is that? I had a hard top cloth car for 10 years, never drove it. Sold it and my father asked if I would miss the car? I said no, I never even drove it lol. Although I think I sold too soon I do not miss it. It was cool to have but with such low milage just can't risk getting a rock chip in the windshield or a scratch on the paint. ugh....
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