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    Clunking when turning..

    It's the front wheels and I replaced the rear with a Ford 9inch so it's not the rear
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    Clunking when turning..

    my TTA has 42k on the clock. When I back out of the garage and turn hard right or left it almost feels as if the wheel is popping. Makes a destinctive clunk. Have the car on the lift and no noticeable play. Is this normal?
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    Original Hood Liner

    I think I have an original. I’m in pa. It’s actually from robert lees old car
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    Jim Dunn in secane, pa worth the trip
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    Wtb Original Radio

    not sure if it's still for sale but you can try 1989 Trans Am factory radio
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    Head Gasket

    I owned 308 after Robert...barely drove it but never had any issues. Ran good as a matter of fact.
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    Does Anyone Have Experience With Infinity Or Safeco Insurance?

    Keep in mind that most collector policies are stated value....meaning you can agree on any amount with the insurance company and your rates will be based on the stated value. Not only can you insure for what you think your car is worth but this allows you an apples to apples comparison of...
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    Mechanic Needed - Li Area

    Jim Dunn in the philly area. It's worth the tow down there. I'll provide the number if you need it.
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    Complete Stock Rear End 30k Miles

    I have a 39 k rear end if you need one. I'm in Pa
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    Clunk When Shifting Into Gear

    Too bad you aren't closer (I'm in PA). I replaced my 39k original rear end with a 9" rear. The old one Iis just sitting here.
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    New Radio Face Plate $40

    I'm out of the country until next Friday. I seem to have lost the emails sent to me. If anyone wants this email me again. Sorry.
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    New Radio Face Plate $40

    I bought a radio years ago with the intention of using the faceplate to refresh my stock radio. Decided to go aftermarket. The faceplate is new with the plastic covering the display still on it, the buttons are new and the radio behind it is free. I'm 90% sure the radio works but treat as a...
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    Do You Have Both? Tta & Gn

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    Hanging Out With The Buicks At The Magna Show, Cecil County Md

    Sorry I missed you this year Mark.....thanks for representing the TTAs!!
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    Tta Radio On Ebay If Anyone Needs One

    GM Delco 87 88 89 90 91 Pontiac Bonneville AM/FM Cassette Radio w/Equalizer
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    Remote Keyless Entry

    Excellent summary. The install is nearly identical to the g bodies. You saved me a ton of time. Thanks again for the detailed reply.
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    Remote Keyless Entry

    That's the same module I used. Nice! Can you list the wire colors on both sides? Blue, tan, and white on the module go where on the tta?
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    Remote Keyless Entry

    I suspect nobody has done this....would there be interest in me documenting how to do this? I'm sure I can figure it out.
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    Remote Keyless Entry

    I just added remote keyless entry on my 1987 GN using factory GM parts....has anyone done this to the TTAs?
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    Magna Car Show - Cecil County Md

    Thanks Mark....always good to take a buick award using a Pontiac :)
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