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    Oil recommendations

    I apologize if there is already a thread on this. I tried the search for "oil" and said no results, so I'm guessing something is not working with the search. What current motor oil brand is recommended to use in the TTA? I've seen some mentions regarding older cars of including additives...
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    Oem Rear Speakers

    Does anyone know what the part number(s) for the rear speakers are. I believe they are 6x9's. I put in some replacements way back in the day, but can't find my originals. Since I'm not driving it much, I thought I'd put back in originals. I'm sure they are the same for various model years...
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    Scanmaster Software

    I was just seeing what equipment people with Scanmaster were putting the software on. I have an older laptop running the software, but I was thinking with some of the newer tablets and tablet type pcs, that those might be easier to work with and carry around with you. I know you need the...
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    Convert Air Conditioning?

    I was just wondering what people's thoughts were on converting the A/C to 134a. My A/C isn't working and I am going to get the lines, etc checked first, but seems like R12 is difficult to find these days, and my mechanic recommended converting it. My car isn't 100% original, but I do keep all...
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    Question On Parts

    I'm finally getting around to getting the interior and exterior of #749 going. I need to get a spoiler and I know people recommend the one from Hawks. Do they give any discounts to the forums members or have any promo codes? I'm only about an hour from them, so I can go pick it up, which is...
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    Question On Rear Defroster

    I know this isn't really a TTA specific question, but was hoping I might get an answer here. A while back, my rear defroster wasn't working and I noticed on one side the contact had separated from the window. It may or may not be the cause of the defroster not working, but in the interest of...
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    Seat Question

    I'm working on getting #749 back up to where it should be after a several year hiatus. Thanks to Robert for all his work on the mechanical. Now it's time to work on the interior. I've been looking around for replacement seat covers (front and rear) and was wondering some thoughts. I know...
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    Borla exhaust

    I was looking around online and got conflicting reports of what the Borla part number is for the TTA. On here it looks like it's the same as the other engines for Firebird/Camaro in 89. Just wanted to see if anyone can confirm this. Looks like that Borla part number is 14888. Any help is...
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    Atlanta GA area

    Any one know of anyone that works on TTAs in the Atlanta, GA area? Or even someone who is knowledge that would be willing to help get mine going again? I want to make sure I get it back running properly as it's been quite a while since it's seen the road. Thanks for your time.
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    TTA emblems

    I just posted some TTA emblems on ebay if anyone is interested. It's everything except the rear white bird. Had to keep that one for my other set! eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices Thanks.
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    TTA recommendations

    I have a TTA that's been sitting for several years while I had a ton of other projects and moved to the South. I'm finally getting it going, but I've been out of the loop for a while. I just dropped the tank so I could replace the fuel pump as I wasn't getting any fuel to the filter. I'm...
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    Car Cover

    I was wondering what people would recommend for a car cover for my TTA. I've looked around and there are so many with different prices. I thought I remembered someone from Car Motorsports being on this forum, but that may have been a while back. I like the TTA cover they have, but it's more...
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    Fuel pump replacement

    Guys, I've been neglecting my TTA for a while. It's been sitting in a garage for several years as I sent most of my time and money finishing my house. Now that I have moved to a brand new house outside of the Atlanta area, I think it's time to start getting her going again. It won't turn...
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