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    Selling my Hardtop TTA

    She's been with me over 10yrs now...time to let someone else shelter and feed her. The car is immaculate! Below is a video (undetailed).
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    Who Shot The Brake Pedal???

    Take a look at the pics....someone shot the brake pedal! :eek: 1989 Pontiac Trans Am Turbo | eBay
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    T-top Storage Bag

    I have a hardtop...first $30 + shipping can have it. It's in good condition.
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    Complete Tta Instrument Cluster

    Looking for $600 for the cluster.
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    Duttneck Intercooler

    Bought this Duttneck Intercooler a few years ago. Never got around to installing it. Looking for $150 + shipping.
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    Remflex Header Gasket Users Come In

    For those of you that use Remflex header gaskets, have you had failures? I've had two failures, and they were installed by the book to 20ft/lbs. What went wrong? Remflex is awesome at honoring their product, but I don't want to repeatedly be replacing gaskets...might go back to copper...
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    Oil In Wastegate

    Took the TTA out for a first Spring drive this morning. When I got back I notice oil on the pass valve cover underneath the wastegate solenoid. The little foam piece was soaked, and it looked like the actual wastegate had spit out some oil too. It dripped onto the oil cooler, rad hose, and...
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    Real "tools" On Ebay!!

    Guys/Gals, I gotta share this story! So I placed my HT TTA on Ebay. Some of you know and followed what I went thru restoring it to it's fullest original condition. So some dimwitted fool emails me and makes this comment: "You've totally ruined the value of this car, as they are only...
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    Got a fishy Radio?

    Does it smell like fish in your car? Does your radio refuse receive any channels? It might be the Caps in the tuner causing your problem. I recently took the TTA out and notice lots of snowy reception and a fishy smell in the car. All this was sudden onset. Swapped the radio for a known...
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    One of the last days of the Season :cry:

    Looks like maybe I'll get one or two drives before the first snow tops. It's always seems that the lust to drive is more when you can't. Took a pic of the last outing...
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    Bought a 435ix AC'sFast!

    Holy crap! I didn't realize how fast this thing is! My TTA feels slower...i can't believe it! From 0-60 took me a mere 4.7 sec, and it just kept massively pulling up to 150mph. Awesome!:drool:
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    I have an extra set of D1720AA injectors 32lbs/hr. Great condition $120 shipped.
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    Any GoPro users?

    Any GoPro users out there? I suctioned the GoPro to the TA, but was kind of afraid to take it on the Autobahn in fear it'll pop off! Any experiences? Here's the Vid:
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    Big Meet Sweden

    Anyone in Europe going to the 'Big Meet' in Sweden this year?
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    Car #1075

    If anyone has Car #1075, I found some nice trivia I had in an old owners kit (tire bills, emission test) all with mileage and owner names of car 1075. If anyone out there has the car, pm me and I'll send the stuff out. Bob
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    Crappy Owners Kit

    Box has emblem torn off. Missing Decals. Cassette, Key Ring, and Owners Manual with Supplement are there. $140 shipped obo
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    Re-furbished steering wheel

    I have a refurbished steering wheel for $290 or $250 with a core. Shipping $20.
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    AC hoses

    Anyone replace the AC hoses on their TTA? Looking for the correct sizes. I'm thinking #12,6,8...but I'm not sure.
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    AC Compressor

    So after a totally extensive resto $$$, everything was renewed, replaced, or repaired except for the AC compressor which looked clean, so I decided to keep it. Well after a nice new charge of R12:yes: and a couple months of ice cold ac, I noticed that is leaking longer cooling either...
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    Looking at maybe selling my Hardtop/Leather TTA #962. The car has had the most extensive restoration of any TTA's. It is better than it was in 1989! Looking for $45000. Now the drawback...I'm in Germany. I can ship ($1800) 89 TTA - YouTube
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