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    Pics of intercooler shroud screws needed

    I discovered a bird lodged in my IC so was removing the shroud to clean it all out along with a lot of grass/weeds and discovered all of the side screws are missing and the top screws are phillips head screws which does not seem right. Bottom 3 were 7mm hex screws which I think are correct...
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    TTA convertible up for sale!

    Here is one of the rare ones that few have ever seen in person...and a hefty price but probably worth it
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    Tta At Barret Jackson Scottsdale Next Month

    1989 PONTIAC FIREBIRD TRANS AM INDY PACE CAR - Barrett-Jackson Auction Company - World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions I think this may be the first TTA that I can recall being at Scottsdale. Was one earlier in the year at one of the other locations, 3200 miles went for $29k... This one has...
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    What Was Gm Thinking With This Concept?

    Saw this on the Barret Jackson list coming up next month. I will be there so I guess I will make it a point to go up on stage with this one and get some pics :) 1985 PONTIAC TRANS AM KAMMBACK CONCEPT - 200963- Barrett-Jackson Auction Company - World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions
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    Anyone Heading To Barret-jackson In Scottsdale Next Month?

    A group Turbo Buick friends and I are heading there again this year, will be my 3rd year in a row. Wondering if anyone else was going? We determined it was a better deal to get a bidders pass and several guest passes since 3 days admission will cost you $160 and each pass comes with several...
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    An Interesting Ta Find

    Found this poking around eBay for 89 TA stuff. Very interesting vehicle and 1000hp ain't no joke. Pontiac: Firebird Formula 2dr Hatchback
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    Anyone Going To Be At Barret-jackson In Scottsdale This Week?

    Just curious if anyone on here is going this week? I will be there Thursday through Saturday with 5 other of my Turbo Buick or former Turbo Buick buds, just looking and having some cold suds! No TTAs listed, but there is a GNX with only a few hundred miles on it, lot#1281 on Saturday. A GN...
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    Breaking Up The Collection, Selling Our 1999 30th Anniv Ta Convertible, Lots Of Pics

    I didn’t think I would ever break my 10 year TA collection apart, but the time has come to trim something down to make room for something else in the future. As such, I am selling our 30th Anniversary Convertible Trans Am, and offering up here to my TTA brother’s/sister’s first. I will post it...
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    Nice Lh T-top A-pillar Interior Piece W/2-guage Pod, Don't Ruin Your Original

    This was in my 16k mile '89 TTA, LH A-pillar with 2-guage pod, mint / clean, good rubber on back and clip holders are not broke, see pics. Comes with the 2-guage pod as there are 2 holes in the a-pillar where the gauge pod mounts. Guage pod has the 2 black push pins in it. I bought this in order...
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    Rh And Lh A-pillars Just Pay Shipping

    I found a pair of black A-pillar trim parts for T-top TTA in the garage boxed up. Since I don't have a TTA I don't need these, not sure where I got them, but the clips are mostly broke on the back and they are a little dirty on the back sides. I would not have used them on my mint TTA ttop car...
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    What is this name plate?

    I just found this in an envelope with all the paperwork and history on #486 while looking for some information for Jan. I can't believe I didn't see this before in the folder packed with paperwork for this car. It's a name plate with the first owners name on it, I've blurred the last name for...
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    New GM Trans Am???

    I've had 2 people in the last 2 days tell me about some new Trans Am that GM is building with 800hp??? I can't find anything on it searching the internet and they said they just heard something on some internet news feed. I know SEMA was this week so I'm assuming its a TA Depot body kit like...
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    Wikipedia and the TTA, interesting

    So I was looking to find some info on hoods for a potential buyer of a hood that I have for a '95, and wondered across Wiki information for TAs… In the 3rd gen section there is a pic of a TTA vert off to the right side... Pontiac Firebird - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The pics says...
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    New bling custom floor mats came in today!

    And I think they look pretty killer in the car, better than the custom one's that John's Performance made me years ago for the ttop car. For reference, these were the ones I had made for the ttop car
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    A rare piece of TA history or blunder on ebay

    In found this looking through misc TA stuff, never seen one of these this nice, they always looked like someone pieced ill formed body panels on, but this one looks nicely done... Still don't think I could drive a TA around that looks similar to a lambo kinda of like a lambo wannabe. Pontiac ...
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    16k mile T-top/Leather with full documented history and extras

    16k mile T-top/Leather with full documented history and extras - SOLD! 1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Am For Sale! Located in DFW area of Texas. Car has just over 16k miles and I’ve owned it since Jan. 2001 when it had only 5k miles on it. Car’s history is fully documented. I have...
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    Passenger side door sill

    Looking for a mint passanger side door sill trim...this is the trim piece that has "Body by Fisher" on it.
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    OEM intermediate pipe from cat to muffler

    WTB: OEM 2.75" OD intermediate pipe that is one piece from cat ball flange to muffler slip fitting. Thanks
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    Intake flexible hose part number?

    Anyone know the intake flex hose part number? I was told these are available from GM now.
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    Anyone have a high res "Turbo TA" gif like this one?

    I'm needing a high res pic/gif like this one for a poster I'm having made for car shows. Anyone have one or have a link to one?
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