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    Clunking when turning..

    my TTA has 42k on the clock. When I back out of the garage and turn hard right or left it almost feels as if the wheel is popping. Makes a destinctive clunk. Have the car on the lift and no noticeable play. Is this normal?
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    New Radio Face Plate $40

    I bought a radio years ago with the intention of using the faceplate to refresh my stock radio. Decided to go aftermarket. The faceplate is new with the plastic covering the display still on it, the buttons are new and the radio behind it is free. I'm 90% sure the radio works but treat as a...
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    Tta Radio On Ebay If Anyone Needs One

    GM Delco 87 88 89 90 91 Pontiac Bonneville AM/FM Cassette Radio w/Equalizer
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    Remote Keyless Entry

    I just added remote keyless entry on my 1987 GN using factory GM parts....has anyone done this to the TTAs?
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    Spark plug reading

    I pulled the plugs out of my TTA last night. AC delcos. The TTA has Alky and probably running around 400-450hp with all the mods. A few observations I could use some opinions on. (1) The 3 plugs on the passenger side are noticably different - yellowed and different heat mark (running a liitle...
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    Best way to do head gaskets - motor in or out?

    I found a low coolant issue in my TTA (although car runs fine) and no signs of leaks. I'm concerned it's a head gasket issue. I'm doing a compression test later to confirm, but my question is: If I have to replace the head gaskets, is it possible (or should I say worth it) to do it w/ the...
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    Air conditioning issue

    I think I'm confirming what I already know but wanted advice. 40k mile TTA...A/C doesn't work. Guages show 90psi on the low side (so no leaks)....clutch is not engaging. There is power at the cutoff (dryer), power at the compressor, but the clutch doesn't engage. Am I looking at a bad...
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    May 2024 Hemmings

    We will all be rich someday.....
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    Sun visors

    I found the original sun visors (in good condition) for my TTA. I don't need an extra set so if anyone is in need let me know. Passesger has a thin mirror on it (not sure if that's stock).
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    Lost a TTA, gained a GN....took delivery today

    1987 GN, T-Tops, 3 owners, garaged its whole life...super clean! Drives like new Mods (all done in last 2k miles): Injectors/ TT Chip 340 Fuel pump w/hot wire TA49 3" DP Comp 980 Valve springs 3 row radiator trans cooler Hallman boost controller Hooker exhaust new plugs, ign coil, wires RJC...
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    Mix of TTA items on ebay -$1,000 Can't see all this going for $1k but I guess we'll see....
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    TTA for Sale - NE PA

    I have an opportunity to grab a car I’ve had my eye on for some time…as a result, I now have a garage space issue. I hate to do this but the low car on the totem pole (or lift in my case) is #308. From what I know this is essentially a 1 owner car with the previous owner putting less than 200...
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    Theft prevention ideas

    With spring approaching (I think...8-12" snow expected this week), I'm thinking about the car shows this year. I have read some instances of cars being stolen and wanted to know what others have done to prevent/make it harder (I realize if someone wants it thet will get it). Kill switches...
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    What rear gears are you running?

    Looking for advice on the rear gear ratio. My car is modified...has alky, a PT52 turbo, 2800 stall, upgraded intercooler, downpipe, etc. Documentation with the car states 420-450 HP at the rear wheels...who knows how true that is. The rear is a stock BW 9 bolt but has 3:73 richmond gears in...
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    25th Anniversary - What do you guys want to do

    Moving this discussion out of General Chat so it doesn't get bumped. Lots of suggestions on the location. Lets keep the momentum to nail it down. Perhaps the best solution is to agree on venue choices and have everyone pick all the ones they can attend. The highest votes wins. Just a...
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    Radio Issue

    I'm having an issue diagnosing a radio power issue. Radio Fuse checks out ok but still not working. I know the radio is good. I found out these cars have something called a convenience center which appears to have a radio fuse. Anyone know where this is or the likelihood of it being the issue...
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    Not cheap but a TTA radio with AUX
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    Boneville Radio Compatible?

    I know this has probably been beaten to death but will an 89 Boneville with steering wheel controls work in a TTA. The part numbers are differed (ends in 22 vs 42) but seems idenitcal. Pictures attached.
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    Alky Imstructions?

    My TTA already had an Alky kit on it. I noticed the tank was empty so I filled it with Mthane -M1. The red light on the pillar went out, so my question is what's next? Anyone have any instructions? Not sure if it needs to be primed or how I even use it (I'm an Alky rookie). It has a blue...
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    Hood insulator in Philly area - free for TTA only

    Both my TTAs have custom hood insulators. I have an original fibergalss one that I don't need. Any TTA owners within driving distance of Philadelphia that needs one let me know. I may have some hood buttons left too.
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