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  1. Jan Larsson

    Socket size for crankshaft pulley / car sitting

    1 1/8" However note that you need to remove the fan to get to the crank bolt if no spark plugs in there you can use the alternator pulley bolt to turn the engine around that’s easier
  2. Jan Larsson

    Heat Soak - Remote starter solenoid

    Brilliant, glad you got it sorted in the end. loads of benefits doing that swap considering both weight, size and speed starting the engine ! glad I could help!
  3. Jan Larsson

    Heat Soak - Remote starter solenoid

    All of the Buick GN vendors carry the mini starters and there’s also a few listed on eBay. prices do vary make sure it comes with new bolts as the factory stock bolts don’t work.
  4. Jan Larsson

    Heat Soak - Remote starter solenoid

    This is what many of us use, but seems like they are out of them at the moment but worth calling them to ask CHEVY BUICK PONTIAC JEEP MINI STARTER Long-Short Mt - SDR0059
  5. Jan Larsson

    Heat Soak - Remote starter solenoid

    Go with a smaller (and better/lighter) LT1 starter .... never heard anyone have issues then with heat soak .... I got one on mine for the past 20 years nearly and never any issues never heard of anyone needing a remote solenoid for this reason on a TTA
  6. Jan Larsson

    I assume you all have seen these...

    Happy you brought it up as this is a really good quality item to be aware of. we should really build a list of quality proven reproduction parts people can refer to. I noticed just yesterday that they now reproduce the torque converter dust cover and even Classic Industries carries it, been...
  7. Jan Larsson

    I assume you all have seen these...

    Yes sir, use the one without the TB coolent hoses on mine (I remember posting detailed photos when I swapped it all out and also did a coolant nipple delete on the TB) .... got mine nearly 10 years ago ... they been out there for some time. had mine powder coated black. don’t consider getting...
  8. Jan Larsson

    Tta Vin List - Excel And Pdf Format

    correct, we don’t have the factory documentation to firmly say they are hardtops or not so any proof (photos of car and the vin) will help with this ... as well as a photo of the original SPID label to confirm trim level (centre consol). if we are just told a certain vin is a hardtop without...
  9. Jan Larsson

    Big Score!!

    Nice find ... I got a NOS console sitting in storage as wel, not in the original box but all NOS thinking about it I should take it out and make sure it still looks nice and it not started to separate due to age or anything, I probably had mine for 10 years or more
  10. Jan Larsson

    How to find out what number my tta

    Tta Vin List - Excel And Pdf Format
  11. Jan Larsson

    TTA heads and valve covers

    Photos show the 7515 casting number clearly
  12. Jan Larsson

    Original Hood Liner

    Same as any other bird with the same hood .... doing a TTA specific one would have added cost and that would have been a no go
  13. Jan Larsson

    TTA Spark Plug wires - If they were to be reproduced would anyone be interested in them?

    Unfortunatly the person that originally posted this up not been on here since May 2019 :-(
  14. Jan Larsson

    TTA Power Antenna

    Antenna cable is held in place by two screws on there; the new one pictured have the “peg” visible for where the antenna cable goes so you have to reuse yours.
  15. Jan Larsson

    Charcoal canister

    This is what you need 89 TTA L/S CHARCOAL CANISTER
  16. Jan Larsson

    Charcoal canister

    Height and diameter is all the same ... do you have the correct bottom bracket for the canister and air filter box ?
  17. Jan Larsson

    question grey cloth interior

    I had these details since back on 2000 or so ;)
  18. Jan Larsson

    question grey cloth interior

    Dug this out ... This TTA has 58K original miles (around 2001) and a GREY interior, the original owner wanted grey and had the interior installed in June 1990.This car is build # 1457 Tis car was repainted and all new weather-stripping was installed in Nov 2000. It was painted in 2000, Lexus...
  19. Jan Larsson

    question grey cloth interior

    Mike is correct, I got photos of that car and looks good !
  20. Jan Larsson

    Pontiac Motorsports - Wearables and Mini TTAs

    RC car never ... not sure if they saw the light of day or not ... other two we seen
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