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    Fuel Rail

    I am having a hell of a time getting my fuel pressure regulator to stop leaking... have you switched to after market fuel rails? if so which one and does it take all factory fuel lines?
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    who has run a larger Stock location Intercooler?

    I am looking to upgrade my intercooler, I know the dutt neck is good for a little less pressure loss but what about a stretched? A non TTA specific stretch, do they hang too low? can they be made to fit pretty good? I have a line on a Mease stretch form a grand national and it would def help me...
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    Part Number Or Name

    I am trying to locate the AC hose support that runs above the electric fan, one of mine is broken see the pic for detail
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    Looking For History On 312, Anyone Owned Or Worked On It?

    the car is super clean, just straightening out a few items, then I will get the radio rebuilt. Would love history on the car, details on mods, maintenance performed etc...
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    Where To Buy Rear Electric Hatch Latching Mechanism??

    Mine had been converted to mechanical at some point :(, I want to bring it back to the factory set up. I don't know why it was converted as everything else has been maintained perfectly down to the power antenna, AC etc...
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    What Size Studs For Heads?

    Does anyone know what size studs are needed or have ARP part numbers? I not looking for bolt numbers. Thanks in advance!
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    Best Place For Parts

    I am ready to reinstall my turbo, I am looking for the oil line gasket, exhaust seal/gasket and new bolts to mount the exhaust elbow to the turbo. I do not see the parts listed on GMpartsdirect or other inline suppliers any good vendors or is it a beg-borrow-steal and scramble situation
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    Original Tire Question??

    What came from the factory? was it Goodyear GSCs?
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    What Would You Use For A New Battery?

    Mine is not up to the task, whats a good replacement battery? Any reasonable options to save weight?
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    Tracking Down Pcv Valve

    Would anyone know of an available replacement for our cars? The original AC number was CV893V from what I have read, then GM 25095468.... no longer available. I have a slight smoking issue after running for a while which is not turbo related, I want to replace the PCV before going deeper. Also...
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    Performance Chips

    it seems most are very happy with their TT chips, great drivability, power etc... I need to do something with my car this spring. I have pulled the turbo as it blows a little smoke to send to a fairly local performance shop well known on these boards. I am in the Boston area. The shop is...
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    Turbo Removal

    I am only s few months into these cars, I didn't think the turbo removal would be such an ass kicker. Any tips tricks? Seems a lot of disassembly is required. I am trying to remove it, send it out over the winter to have the seal replaced if it is worth repairing and once I know what I have get...
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    Tire Combo Question

    I am looking for new tire setup, I want to run drag radials but have not previously. It appears there are three fairly good options, Nitto NT555, MT SS radial and Toyo Proxes. What if any are your experiences with the above? I hear the NT 555 is much better than its predecessor, I would like to...
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    The Rmv Came Thru!

    it's not too often I give kudos to any government run entity, they said 12-14 weeks and they beat it by 4... It's simple and I like it!
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    Finally!! Have A Deposit Down

    Hello all, I am a fairly new member. I've been looking and reading for a while. I have finally located a car fairly locally, looked at driven and placed a deposit and I plan to pick it up in the next few days. Hhere is where my mind started to question things, I called a buddy to CarFax the VIN...
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