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  1. DynoDave

    White factory option wheels

    Thank you. They are probably the most interesting/unique part of the car.
  2. DynoDave

    White factory option wheels

    Yes indeed. White, black, gold and red. Red was one year only (1988) and my T/A was ordered with a set. One of only 611 so produced. For reference, white PW7 wheels in 1988, production was 751. Data is not available for '87. And white does not appear as a wheel option color for '89 in the...
  3. DynoDave

    Radiator hoses and clamps for TTA (like original) ?

    I have a '77 Cordoba that came with that style of hose clamp for the upper and lower radiator hoses. When I had the radiator re-cored this past year, I wanted ot put it back in with original style clamps. I found them at InLine Tube. Sold as being for Oldsmobiles. They have different sizes, so...
  4. DynoDave

    Newspaper ad

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing those.
  5. DynoDave

    The GN twins are back

    The new owner didn't keep them long.
  6. DynoDave

    Not the TTAs but a distant second cousin

    When I first started worked for GM as a service manual author c1994, our truck team was on the second floor of the old GMC Truck administration building on South Blvd. in Pontiac, MI. Very cool old building with lots of local history. Across the street there was a vacant lot that belonged to GM...
  7. DynoDave

    928 mile TTA on BAT

    Already at $34k and 6 days to go! There's been a lot of interest in 3rd gens at auction in the last year or two, and it should have a positive effect on the price of the TTAs as well.
  8. DynoDave

    What's going on 2020?

    Very cool! Didn't know you had a Little Red Express Truck too. :cool:
  9. DynoDave

    What's going on 2020?

    Thanks, those were two of my favorite photos. We drove to a lakeside park in Lexington for an outdoor club meeting. It was fun. Had 16 or 17 cars. What mopar group do you belong to? Garden wife's home town. In-laws still live there. After years of hearing about Hines Park, we...
  10. DynoDave

    What's going on 2020?

    Yeah, it was a pretty quiet season in 2020. We did make it to a couple of cruise night at Culvers in Lake Orion. Made it out to Woodward once or twice on a Saturday night. And our Pontiac club did make it to a small town cruise night, and had its fall color tour. I was supposed ot get the...
  11. DynoDave

    #123 Festival TTA Up for Sale

  12. DynoDave

    T-top Cloth on Ebay

    "THE ENTIRE CAR HAS BEEN OVERHAULED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM."...per the ad. So I guess that helps keep it looking fresh.
  13. DynoDave

    24,000 mile TTA on eBay

    Don't I wish! I'm a man of modest means. The TTA, while not escalating wildly in value, remains out of my reach. That, and 4 or 5 other project cars make it fairly unobtainable. But a fellow can dream!
  14. DynoDave

    12,000 mile TTA on eBay

    That is a good looking car.
  15. DynoDave

    24,000 mile TTA on eBay

    Oh boy...and I have $3.35 credit with ebay to use up in the next week, Prefect timing! :D
  16. DynoDave

    Hardtop TTA on BAT

    Looks nice. 78k last reported miles on the car fax.
  17. DynoDave

    photo of my new tta

    I can believe it. Congrats on the find. Looks like a fun project.
  18. DynoDave

    photo of my new tta

    Wow...hiding in the back of a body shop? Is that another 3rd gen in the foreground?
  19. DynoDave

    19,000 mile TTA on BAT

    Very cool car! Congrats on the purchase.
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