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  1. jarredsoon

    Help With Starting Conversations

    Hey there guys. For some reason I can't start a conversation with other forum members. I can preview but when I hit the start button it says javascript error. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. jarredsoon

    Hard Top Cloth Tta 928 Original Miles

    Hello I am listing my 1989 Turbo Trans Am Hard Top Cloth car 1 of 15 made. PRICE IS $49,000 LOCATION: Edmonton AB Canada I purchased the car in 2009, from a colleague who was local to me. Before him it was in Florida. As far as I know I am the third owner. Car is all original with exception...
  3. jarredsoon

    Champion Ported Tta Heads *awesome*

    I have a pair of 7515 Champion Ported TTA heads for sale. I have ran 10.50 ET with these heads on my 1989 TTA. I bought them back in 2010 as new castings and had them shipped to Tom at Champion for valves and porting. Springs are for a hydraulic roller set up. $1200 usd shipped to USA and...
  4. jarredsoon

    Finally 9 Sec Club

    Took the TTA to the track last Friday made some great runs. First pass was 10:34 with 17lbs boost Second was 10.06 with 20 lbs boost Final pass was 9:93 @ 140mph with 22lbs boost No knock and car ran super rich. This was on race gas only, no methanol. They stopped me from running again for...
  5. jarredsoon

    TTA door decals WANTED!

    Hi I am wanting some pace car door decals! If any available I want them. Thanks Jarred
  6. jarredsoon

    A/C compressor/condensor/air exchanger/lines

    This is the ac out of tta 366, worked well before removal. Looking for $200 plus shipping item is in Edmonton AB Canada.
  7. jarredsoon

    Christmas came early

    I was inspired by yamikids 9 sec tta over on the Buick board and Christmas came early this year from nick micale and cal hartline. To bad I'll have to wait all winter to test it out. For now it sure is fantastic garage art lol I'm not really sure yet how I'm gonna stuff it all in there but...
  8. jarredsoon

    Turbo trans am for sale $12,000

    1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am 733 for sale $12,000 I am selling my TTA 733. Car runs and drives great and looks awesome!! 97,XXX miles on the odometer. I purchased from Mike Arrigo May 8, 2009 with 78,000 miles Car is heavily modified, I tracked it back in 2010 it ran 11.6 ET at 115mph...
  9. jarredsoon

    test thread

    test thread
  10. jarredsoon

    Jim Dunn intercooler FOR SALE

    Jim Dunn intercooler FOR SALE $400 plus ship This is my intercooler I ran the last two summers. My car went 10.5 at 129.8 mph with this exact piece. I am selling as I have moved to a front mount. I don't have a shroud for this intercooler and I drove my car without a shroud for the entire...
  11. jarredsoon

    Crank, rods, pistons, cam, lifters

    Hi I have my original TTA crank shaft and pistons, rods, cam, lifters just sitting in the garage. These came out of the car at 80K miles. Just wondering if anyone was interested in these parts??? Thanks Jarred
  12. jarredsoon

    Where is the tach signal wire??

    Does anyone know where the 12 VDC positive tach signal wire is located. I am wanting to install a fuel pump speed controller module. Right now my fuel pump is on max all the time. Thanks Jarred
  13. jarredsoon

    TTA in Feb 13 hot ROd

    there is mention of the TTA in a list of turbo cars and there is an article on turbo V6 engine blocks.
  14. jarredsoon

    A/C delete questions?

    I have some questions about A/C delete 1. is the ac delete pulley all I need for this mod? 2. How do I remove the silver condenser thing by the heater box? I see some guys take this out and others leave it in?? I think this would really clean up my engine bay and make more room as...
  15. jarredsoon

    Driving home and KABOOOOM!!!

    Well daily driver TTA 733 from Chicago has gone down!! I was driving home from my parents and just started to get on it and then BANG and car had no go. I pushed it to the side and picked it up later with my trailer. Pulled the rear end out and look what I found, this was a stock nine bolt...
  16. jarredsoon

    Daily driving TTA and iac disintegrating

    We had a thread a while back about daily driving your tta. Well I daily drove my tta this summer as much as I could for having other cars. So far I drove it to work and one trip to Vancouver. The car has 93500 miles now and had 85763 miles at beginning of summer. It was super fun and I looked...
  17. jarredsoon

    New best at track 10.59 video

    Went to a track rental with the tta, in the morning I was hoping for a good run with cool air but could not hook up. Finally in the after noon it warmed up and I got some traction. This was with MT drag radials. Might invest in Hoosier slicks. There is also a bonus vid of my dad racing my...
  18. jarredsoon

    RJC 4" intake pics

    OK so I have done a few things to the TTA. I now have champion fuel rails, a Speed Density chip from TT, relocated my air temp sensor to the up pipe (before alky) and a 4 inch RJC intake pipe. I know there was talk about if it would fit or not well this fits great, it clears my air temp sensor...
  19. jarredsoon

    stock TTA rear end questions

    I have a stock tta rear end in my garage taking up space. Is there anything on this piece that I am going to want to keep because I kind of just want to get rid of the whole thing. Are there any hard to find parts that I should pull off before I get rid of it?? Thanks Jarred
  20. jarredsoon

    Barrett Jackson 2012

    Thinking of going to Barrett Jackson in Vegas in Sept? Has anyone ever gone before? I am told it is like a big car show and alot more to it than what is on television. Plus, I like Vegas :) a three day pass is 46 bucks, and I assume that gets you in to the auction area as well as everywhere...
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