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  1. jarredsoon

    The GN twins are back

    wow $178,000 Geez, I wish I was a GN collector lol. or seller....
  2. jarredsoon

    928 mile TTA on BAT

    Wow that is good price for the seller. Good to see the price going up on these cars.
  3. jarredsoon

    The GN twins are back

    when did they sell last time?
  4. jarredsoon

    928 mile TTA on BAT

    sweet looking car. Thanks for sharing.
  5. jarredsoon

    What's going on 2020?

    Yup I have the red eye challenger. Will post a pic once I get home.
  6. jarredsoon

    Fuses Reference and Illustration - 1989 TTA

    Hey Jan/Rob Where is the convenient centre located? I have not seen that fuse panel before. Thanks
  7. jarredsoon

    What's going on 2020?

    NIce to see al the pictures. Great cars thanks!!
  8. jarredsoon

    TTA heads and valve covers

    I have TTA cylinder heads if anyone needs
  9. jarredsoon

    Intercooler Inspiration

    That Precision Stock location stretch intercooler will not fit the TTA. I bought one and tried no success and sold it.
  10. jarredsoon

    19,000 mile TTA on BAT

    nice work, good to have that guy accessible to you.
  11. jarredsoon

    19,000 mile TTA on BAT

    Great looking car, bet the manual will be so much fun.
  12. jarredsoon

    Pics of intercooler shroud screws needed

    Nice work Rob. You are prepared just like a boy scout! I should be documenting my car like you have done.
  13. jarredsoon

    Woodward 2020

    Sorry to hear of the poor turn out Covid ruins everything. Your truck collection is great! My son loves cool trucks so I will prolly get one soon.... Hope the weekend is better.
  14. jarredsoon

    Power logger

    Its not that bad, you have to run the wires from the ecm to the lap top. I would rest the lap top on the passanger seat and the cable to the ecm went into the footwell and under the dash.
  15. jarredsoon

    Woodward 2020

    cool truck, can you share any more pics?
  16. jarredsoon

    Out of storage freshening/ maintenance questions/ideas

    How do you check the tank for rust? Must it be removed from the car to do so? Thanks Jarred
  17. jarredsoon

    Shifter alternatives?

    If you are going to put any power to the 2004r transmission I suggest getting an expert to beef it up or buy a crate trans from Dave hussik or Lonnie Diers. I had local guys do my trans 3 or 4 times before I realized you need a specialist in this trans to get it done right. I have since bought...
  18. jarredsoon

    700 mile TTA on BAT

    wow low milage and looks great!! Will have to see what it sells for
  19. jarredsoon

    Time to Sell?

    If it has only 44 miles on it I would take it to a big auction, lots of customers and media attention and a for sure sale. That would sell the car for sure and you could move on. I just sold my Hard Top Cloth TTA with 900 original miles and got lucky and found someone who bought it unseen...
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