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  • Hey Quiky! What up? Found meth at the local sprint car track 5 minutes from my house! Smells Yummy!

    I am soooo stoked! The alky kit rocks!!! Crazyiness! I did not see 1* of knock during my tests.
    I am in. We should get there Thursday evening and head out Sunday morning. Can get together about any time we are there. Staying at the Motel 6. I will try to make any gathering that will have a large group of TTA's. My cell is 816 589-0782.

    I was going to try to see if all of the tta owner that r going to bg will meet up together for lunch or dinner or something so we all can meet and maybe talk about ohio next year . Im glad that we all are getting together next year but it should of happened last year . we should be doing it at indy too, but as along as we do it somewhere im good with that.
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