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    White factory option wheels

    One of the guys that I see at local cruise nights and shows has them on his T/A... I can't seem to remember which year :confused: (86-87-88??) Pretty sure that I have a picture somewhere. He bought the car new, but it still looks good. I like the look, but would NOT want to be the guy trying to...
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    928 mile TTA on BAT

    Wow Hopefully that is considered a "win" for the buyer and seller.
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    928 mile TTA on BAT

    will be interesting to see how high it goes - looks like a great car :cool:
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    What's going on 2020?

    ^^^ Fun Stuff :cool:
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    What's going on 2020?

    I think that I made it to 2 small/local "events" this year... pretty much everything was cancelled due to COVID - or I had conflicts/issues/work travel. I slipped in some joyrides here and there, but 2020 was definitely not the fun summer that a car guy would like.
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    24,000 mile TTA on eBay

    good one there - I had to check... maybe you're off by a decimal place (or two?) :rolleyes::D
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    Detroit Craig’s list TTA

    guy has good tastes:cool:
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    Need New Tires - Suggestions?

    good info Dave, thanks.
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    and here I go again 1989 TTA convt project

    will be watching - good luck with everything :cool:
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    Need New Tires - Suggestions?

    Seems like the BFG G-Force Comp 2s would be a good choice? Did you do a search on here and see if there were other comments? Seems like different folks picked different tires based on varying factors, and the G-Forces have been around for a while... somebody on here is likely using them. When I...
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    Need New Tires - Suggestions?

    "I" would search and research high & low for something made in USA or at least USA-name brand before choosing the Federals... the tires seem good, but I'm not keen on their origins (that is just how I'm wired). Which "model" BFGs are available [today] in the right size, and how do they stack up...
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    Need New Tires - Suggestions?

    ouch. I've had trouble finding the 13's in the size that I like for my little green car,.. did not think that this would happen with these 16 inchers :( Based on all of that, the choices will probably be even fewer when I need new ones. FWIW, I have a set of the Federal SS 595 tires (13") now...
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    Tta At Barret Jackson Scottsdale Next Month

    Please keep us posted Rob, will be interesting to see a TTA in all of that hype.
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    Headlights will not go up/down

    There was a whole other thread about this as well. Good luck with the kit - looked great (I still have it somewhere)... but I broke things taking mine apart and ended up with rebuilt assemblies.
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    New Member #114

    Welcome aboard. That car sounded like it had some cool history :cool:
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