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  • U talk shit we can do a car show down what ur dad has or u .. I can show u my garage all mine an my dailys
    What up J,

    The inter cooler is a large front mounted inter cooler. It was on the car when I got it. Not sure the mfg but my engine guy said they dont make them anymore. Sorry, wish i could be more help. It sure looks weird with the empty space where the stock intercooler goes. It is so large that it blocks the radiator and causes the the car to run a little hot, I need to get a larger radiator. I am still working all the bugs out. The turbo is probably to large too, a little slow to spool when driving around town which I like to do, not much of a track guy.
    i see u are online right now...i have my intercooler out and i recall a discussion on how to clean that but i cannot find it...u wouldnt recall that thread by any chance


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