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  • Jan,

    Can you do me a favor? I'm using Firefox Quantum 61.0 64 bit.

    When I try to reply to a thread, or post a new one as a test, I do not have a text or dialog box to post the body of the message.

    All of the other boxes for title, poll, tags, etc. are all there.

    Can you pass this on to our Admin? If the screen shot is needed, I can sign into IE to send that.
    I'm trying to find where to pm you on that TTA picture. I wish I had more computer skills. LoL...
    Jan, I know you guys keep a registry on these cars. Found 1G5FW217XKL235790 has been cooked quite badly.
    Hello my friend, excuse me, do you have on sale your 1:18 pontiac green machine version? Thank you so much!!
    Hi Jan. I recently inherited my Fathers TTA and I am trying to find the build #. GM referred me to gmmediaachchives who said they would send me an invoice go $60 but can't tell me if it has the build number on it. I am new to TTA. Com so I sent an email and Chris K suggested I send you my vin #. I hope you can help. Vin#1G5FW2170KL246930. Thank You for your time.
    I am new to the Tta world but an avid GN person so I know the cars and the details of Tta but confused on festival cars . I am being told that ALL cloth interior , T-top cars are festival cars .. Is this true ? I am looking to get my first Tta and found Tta 0537, has 49k mile cloth interior and is looking for 18k. Thanks for any advice you have -Keith
    Jan Larsson
    Jan Larsson
    Keith welcome to the world of TTA's ... better to PM me rather than post of my profile page (don't get notifications of those) ... anyway answer is NO not all t-top cloth were festival cars ... if you download the VIN list (pdf) you see which of all the cloth/t-top where actually festival cars helping with your search.

    Any other questions let me know and I will try to help to the best of my knowledge.



    Hope your doing well. I tried sending an Email but it got returned so I don't know if it went thru.

    I sold TTA 210 and have a tentative deal to sell TTA 657. Thinning the fleet.

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