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    Selling my Hardtop TTA

    $28K Original was 72k Miles +6K since total resto.
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    Selling my Hardtop TTA

    She's been with me over 10yrs now...time to let someone else shelter and feed her. The car is immaculate! Below is a video (undetailed).
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    hard top tta

    Did you find a hardtop?
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    Nos front bumper

    Sure. It's too large to ship though, unless you can find someone to pick it up.
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    Scott Kelly's Website comments

    Any word on whether or not the site will be populated? It was nice the first time...
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    A/C Compressor Clutch

    Something about different harmonics with the original. The aftermarket will resonate into the cabin a bit more...I think
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    Nos front bumper

    I have one also. Painted in correct White color code...I'll sell it for $200 just to get rid of it
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    WTB Low Mile TTA

    I have a Hardtop with 77k but looks/feels like new!
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    Clock Spring Needed

    I'll get some pics today
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    Clock Spring Needed

    I have a spare button assembly in gray if you are interested...
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    Complete Tta Instrument Cluster

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    Who Shot The Brake Pedal???

    Take a look at the pics....someone shot the brake pedal! :eek: 1989 Pontiac Trans Am Turbo | eBay
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    Duttneck Intercooler

    It's sold to Robert.
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    Duttneck Intercooler

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    T-top Storage Bag

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