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    2014 TTA reuniuon? Let's vote on what you guys like the best...

    I went to the reunion in that Jim set up and had a great time. Unfortunately, it was very hot and just pavement, so got a bit sick from the heat. Won't be able to make it this year and I really wish I could.
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    Bunch of parts and memorabilia for sale

    Interested in mud flaps if still available Lynn #603
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    CarFax I have a few Left -

    You got my PM right? Lynn 603
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    Tta out for an aggressive drive!

    Where can I get head baskets for these cars and how much do they run? Thanks Lynn 603
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    CarFax I have a few Left -

    Sounds good Car 603 Lynn Would love one. If I can have one, will send you a Pm with my address Thanks Lynn
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    New Greenlight 1:64 Scale TTA Pace Car

    Need 603 Ill post the numbers I have later. Its late and I am tired
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    New Greenlight 1:64 Scale TTA Pace Car

    Where are the numbers on the.1/18z ? Lynn 603
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    Post your TTA DIECAST MODEL # HERE for trading purposes

    I have 1550, looking for 603 Lynn Bravesoul1
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    Some Misc Parts

    The front, pArticularly at the sides where they tend to come apart. Thanks Lynn 603
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    Some Misc Parts

    Pictures of console, interested in console Lynn Car 603
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    New Greenlight 1:64 Scale TTA Pace Car

    Bought 12 - looking for #603
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    TTA Parts N Stuff

    How much for the oil filters? Lynn 603
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    Looking into 30th anniversary ta

    Interesed in 1995 convertible, price, mileage, pictures etc My email is What color is it? Stock or modified. Please let me know. THANK LYNN CAR 603
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    Elecric wiring diagram

    Me too Lynn 603
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